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Service Design Workshop

Eric Reiss

Eric Reiss


Eric Reiss má za sebou širokou škálu pracovních míst: klavírista, senior copywriter, opravář klavírů, tvůrce dobrodružných her a režisér. Jeho zkušenosti ho obdivuhodně připravily na práci designera, obsahového stratéga, informačního architekta a experta na použitelnost, ačkoliv nedokáže přesně vysvětlit jak.

Byl dvakrát prezidentem Institutu informační architektury a profesorem použitelnosti a designu na IE Business School v španělském Madridu. Dnes je generálním ředitelem skupiny FatDUX v dánské Kodani, přední UX společností s kancelářemi a spolupracovníky ve více než tuctu měst po celém světě. Má na svém kontě několik knih, včetně nejprodávanějšího "Usable usability", která je nyní k dispozici v pěti jazycích.

An introduction to service design

Service design combines key elements from user-experience design, interaction design, and quality management to create long-term value. In this full-day workshop, you’ll discover the basic elements of each of these disciplines and how they work together to raise customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and enhance key events along the customer journey.

Who This Workshop is For

UX/UI practitioners of any level

Product teams and managers

Business executives, and startup founders that want to learn how to be more strategically sound in their process.

What you will learn

  • How service design relates to user experience
  • How you can create value even with a small budget
  • How you can move projects from subjective guesswork to measurable success
  • How you can inspire teams and service providers
  • How you can get the most out of service-design tools including:
    • User-centered-design basics (UCD)
    • Touchpoint analyses
    • Customer journey maps
    • Use cases
    • User scenarios
    • Storyboards
    • Personas
    • Proof of concept / performance metrics

And finally, we will bring these together to create a service-design blueprint that helps you create a shared frame of reference for your team, provides overview, and helps pinpoint problems waiting for an innovative service solution!
This is a true workshop and our day together will be marked by several hands-on exercises. Not only are these fun, but they help you internalize the key features of service design so you can provide greater value for your employer or clients from the very next day.


Eric conducted his “Usable Usability” workshop. Not only was the workshop really entertaining, but Eric helped cross-functional team members throughout our organization learn the basics of UX and usability. Our favourite part of the workshop was that Eric used all kinds of real-world examples, including our own website.

Krispian Emert

UX Researcher at Facebook

I have first participated in Eric's talks and workshops during UX Camp Berlin & UX Camp London. His presentations were original & fresh. Each time he spoke, the audience was engaged, full of questions & comments. The spirits were high.

Maciek Saganowski

Product Designer. Owner of Ultimo

I had the pleasure to attend to Eric Reiss' Workshop in Barcelona :"Usable Usability - Lean UX Starts Right Here". He created a wonderful atmosphere, with a very dynamic rhythm and a great combination: talk and images. The high expectations were greatly exceeded.

Miriam Gat

Co-Founder at Angeles V.


08:30 – Registration

09:00 – Introduction to user-experience and service design

09:45 – Fleshing out the service-design blueprint

10:30 – Morning break

11:00 – Creating a touchpoint analysis

11:45 – On-stage and backstage actors and support systems

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Scenarios, use cases, storyboards

15:00 – Afternoon break

15:30 – Service evidence – demonstrating measurable value

16:45 – Putting theory into practice

17:00 – Finish

What’s Included in the Day

  • Full day of interactive, hands-on learning
  • Lunch and snacks



Budova Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

120 00 Praha - Vinohrady

Czech Republic

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